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Critical Incident Reporting

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In accordance with AHCS Policy & Procedure, please be mindful of the following:

Reporting critical incidents to AHCS is one of the most important responsibilities of a DSW. AN AHCS staff member can be reached by calling the office at 337.233.0545 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

  • All critical incidents must be reported to the office immediately upon occurrence.
  • If you were not on shift when the incident occurred, you must report the critical incident immediately upon your first knowledge of the incident.

Examples of critical incidents that must be reported include:

  • Any falls
  • Unscheduled visits to the ER or a medical provider
  • Abuse, neglect, exploitation and extortion
  • Any injury, which requires medical attention
  • Any illness, which requires medical attention
  • Medication administration error or missed doses by DSW, consumer, or family
  • Any behavioral incident (suicidal attempts, thoughts, threats, self-endangerment, etc.)
  • Consumer whereabouts unknown (consumer is missing)
  • Self-injury of consumer
  • Offensive sexual behavior
  • Aggressive behavior (sexual or physical)
  • Involvement of law enforcement for any reason
  • Loss or destruction of home
  • Death

We realize the above is a lengthy and complex listing. If you have any questions as to whether an incident is considered critical, contact your consumer’s case manager.

The consequence for failure to report a critical incident is as follows:

  • Written employee conference placed in your personnel file
  • Termination of employment or repeated offenses

Please note: The above is in accordance with regulations placed on this program by the Department of Health & Hospitals (DHH). Surveys of providers are conducted regularly to ensure compliance and can result in sanctions and fines for failure to comply with this regulation.


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Critical Incident Reporting

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